Live Review: Jacob Collier – The Academy, Dublin 07.06.2022

On a warm Tuesday evening in Dublin, on the 7th of June, The Academy was the place to be, as London musician and five-time Grammy Award winner Jacob Collier took to the stage as part of his ‘Djesse’ world tour.

Having not performed here since November 2017, excitement levels were high inside this Middle Abbey Street venue, which may explain the speed in which the venue filled up, with pretty much everyone indoors waiting within 15 minutes of doors opening, a rarity for Irish concerts.

There was no support act on the night, with Collier set to take to the stage at 8pm. However, due to unknown reasons, this was in reality an 8:20 appearance.

Jacob Collier came on stage full of energy along with his band; bassist Robin Mullarkey, drummer Christian Euman, synth keyboardist Bryn Bliska, described as a “musical force of nature” by Collier, and vocalist Alita Moses, described as one of Collier’s “favourite people”, who happened to also be covering for bandmate Emily, who had fallen ill before the show. Collier went on later in the show to explain why he wanted a full band on tour, and it was to ensure every sound created was done live, and that there were no grids, pads, or tracks needed.

Collier performed a mix of his hit songs such as ‘All I Need’, ‘’The Sun Is in Your Eyes’, ‘In Too Deep’, ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Time Alone with You’, along with some more Dublin-centred tracks, such as ‘Oh Danny Boy’, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, and Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’.

Collier thanked the Irish crowd, as well as speaking of his love and memories of growing up listening to Irish music, backed up as photos showed him in Smithfield’s Cobblestone Pub the night before the concert, a pub known to host an array of traditional music. He then thanked Ireland itself, saying “thank you to this beautiful country for its wealth of music”.

Many in attendance described the night as more than just a gig, “it was an experience”, and I fully believe that. Never before have I seen an artist create such an angelic atmosphere and environment, holding the ability to create such a quiet room that you’d be able to hear a pin drop in one second, to a roar of cheers the next, almost as if Collier was flipping an onstage switch. One fan described Collier as “a musician for musicians”, which may explain the talent that seemed to be within every fan in attendance as they sang along in an angelic choirlike chorus, with one example being the choir of harmonies conducted by an onstage Collier.

I’d definitely recommend checking out a Jacob Collier concert whenever you get the chance. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing, which there was plenty of, or you’re more technical, and into the harmonies, and angelic sounds, there’s something for everyone at the gigs.

Find out when Jacob’s performing near you here

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