Track: Tay Oskee says ‘Let The Fire Burn’: a smooth and delicate indie folk anthem released ahead of album and tour news.

Feature Photograph: Carolina Sierra

‘Let The Fire Burn’ from Sunshine Coast’s Tay Oskee is a delightful indie folk anthem that exudes a sunshine-bleached summer radiance with a delicate melody filled filigree. The whistling refrain adds to the sense of a carefree bucolic world existing in a dappled frame of light. The song reflects the transience of life, promoting the seizing of the day while we can. As Oskee says:

I wrote ‘Let The Fire Burn’ to take me back to a simpler time with mates, camping out in nature and having proper deep yarns around the fire. In the moment I wrote the track I had a great realisation that we never truly know what will happen in life so it’s better to do the things you love, because it could all go wrong and if it does, at least ya let the fire burn.

The lyrics beautifully capture this feeling:

Pouring, pouring the coffee
Waiting, we took our time here healing
Feeling the rush of the seasons
Like we did way back, all in
Fire she burnin, yarning
We took our time here believing
Finding that something with meaning
And if it all goes wrong
At least we let the fire burn

The accompanying film clip, featuring fan and friend, actor Timothy Granaderos (13 Reasons Why) and filmed by Wil Granaderos, captures a hazy light and a joyful existence: moving and spinning with the couple in the sunshine-lit landscapes and waters with the song a beautiful, wistful soundtrack. Timothy Granderos says:

Tay and I became friends through instagram. I was a fan of his music. So naturally I was stoked when he asked if I wanted to work with him on “Let The Fire Burn.” One of the most important things we wanted to capture in making this music video was this concept of carefreeness. This couple living from moment to moment. Which is kind of how the music video came to be in the first place. My fiancée Kate and I acted in it, and my brother Wil directed, shot, and edited it.

The single is available to download and stream here and through the link below.

Oskee has also announced an album ‘Keepers of the Morning’ out on 14 April through Believe as well as a national tour of Australia in February. You can pre-save the album here.

Tay Oskee ‘Let The Fire Burn’ Tour
Tickets Available Here
Wednesday, January 25 | The Northern, Byron Bay
Friday, January 27 | The Brightside, Brisbane
Saturday, January 28 | Solbar, Maroochydore
Friday, February 3 | La La La’s, Wollongong
Saturday February 4 | The Lansdowne, Sydney
Sunday, February 5 | Cambo Warehouse, Newcastle
Friday, February 10 | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, February 11 | Sandy Point Community Centre, Sandy Point
Sunday, February 12 | Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide
Friday, February 17 | Mojo’s, Fremantle

Feature Photograph: Carolina Sierra

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