See: Half Waif reveals new video for Orange Blossoms

Half Waif aka Nandi Rose
Photo Credit: Ali Cherkis

Half Waif (aka Nandi Rose) may have released an album only last year, but she is back with a new track and video “Orange Blossoms”. The A-side of a new 7″ which the prolific artist promises is the start of a new chapter of work for 2021. The synths are dialled back, the vocals are (even) more unsettling and operatic, and the sparse piano backing is very much a supporting role here. Which works extremely well when the vocals are this distinctive and affecting.

The new track is a powerful promise of self empowerment. Rose says “The song touches on a phrase that kept coming back to me at that time, which was: ‘no one’s going to do it for you.’ You can help and be helped, you can love and be loved, but salvation is your own to seek and claim.”

The new 7″ (backed with “Party’s Over”) is out on February 24th on Anti records. We looked at a key track from last year’s The Caretaker when it came out.

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