Earl “Damu the Fudgemunk” Davis, musician, producer and impresario of Redefinition Records, has teamed up with frequent partner Raw Poetic and jazz great Archie Sheep for the album, Ocean Bridges. The album, which drops today, is available on the Redefinition Bandcamp page. All tracks on the album were produced by Raw Poetic, who is also a visceral spitter and lends his voice to the proceedings. Archie Shepp, a jazz titan, whose distinctive tone and phrasing will be familiar to jazz fans, also plays electric piano on the album. Much of the playing on the record was improvised. The songs owe a debt to free and experimental jazz, and have a raw vibe to them, a natural progression in musical evolution, from Attica Blues, to Jazzmatazz to this project today. According to Damu, the band recorded about four hours worth of material and then he and Raw Poetic combed through what they had for the final version of the record. Damu and Raw Poetic also just released their own album together, Moment of Change, their first since 2017’s The Reflecting Sea. The artists say that Moment of Change is the first in a series of albums the duo will release this year. Moment of Change is available for name your price on Redefinition’s Bandcamp page. Listen to the single from Ocean Bridges, Tulips, below.

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Archie Shepp, Damu The Fudgemunk, Raw Poetic: Learning To Breathe