Track: Guitarist & Composer Kıvanç Kılıçer Shares Unique Rock-Classical Arrangement of Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’

Guitarist and composer Kıvanç Kılıçer creates his own unique, rock tinted take on the legendary Baroque classical movement ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi.

Building a dark, theatrical and cinematic soundscape with with horns, strings, orchestral drums and subtle synths, Kıvanç plays the intense lead line on his guitar, shredding his way through the track with confidence and ease.

Showcasing not only his impeccable talents as a guitarist, the unique way in which the track builds and swapping the violin for guitar gives the track a modern twist and a fiery, hard rock edge pulling it towards the realms of metal despite the still strikingly classical arrangement.

Accomanied by a fittingly cinematic and grand video, Kivanç is shown shredding his Jackson in a variety of wintery locations, like a nu-metal video put to a classical musical backdrop.

Epic, vibrant, ambitious and relentlessly intense, this is an impressive offering from a clearly very talented multi-instrumentalist.

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