Track: Sydney’s Abby Bella May unveils the bright and bubbly new track ‘Bindii Patch’

There’s something evocatively Australian about suffering minor multiple injuries from a Bindii patch – a prickly monstrosity that lurks in the depths of the most unprepossessing yet beckoning green lawns during the summer months. Sydney artist Abby Bella May has charmingly built this phenomena into her delightful new indie pop single ‘Bindii Patch’.

This is a summery sparkling single about the pain of love lost, beautifully expressed in the nature of the offending weed:

‘Bindii Patch’ is about the struggle of adjusting to the single life routine after a break up, it’s all about the stages you go through, including going back and fourth from blaming yourself for the break up and to then blaming them. Bindii Patch is a metaphor, I thought of it like no matter how much you know the grass might have bindis that will hurt you, you can’t be bothered to put your shoes on, so you dive into another relationship knowing you might get hurt again, or you go back to that same person knowing that it’s probably going to hurt again.

‘Bindii Patch’ is a feather light, shining and melodic track with witty lyrics that still exudes a sense of melancholia. To add luster to the sparkle,  May has announced the release of her debut EP, ‘I Am Sensitive’, out on 30 April, which coincides with her upcoming headline show at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on the same date. More details here.

The accompanying video is as bubblegum fun as the single, infused with day-glo colours and a sense of wackiness:

‘Bindii Patch’ is available to download/stream here.

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