Say Psych: Premiere: Hurricane Heart Attacks – OCD

Argentina’s Hurricane Heart Attacks have been circulating for some time now, and with a UK tour just under their belts, including a full to capacity performance at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia in September their next move is eagerly anticipated. Today sees the announcement that they have teamed up with Wrong Way Records in order to produce a digital release, single ‘OCD’ and BSM are honoured to present you with the premiere.

Named after a song from psych legends The Warlocks, Hurricane Heart Attacks offer a storm of sharply reverberating guitars creating soundscapes akin to a cosmic highway. They sprung to prominence with LP Incredible Machine released in 2015, which received global acclaim. Prior to this, they released Happiness Revisited and Hurricane Love in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

‘OCD’ has a hearty drum beat at the centre, layered droning guitar play and delayed vocals. A funky bass line ties neatly to the fluctuating guitar riff and as the track progresses it encompasses provocative sound bites before elapsing into a striking guitar riff, reverberating vocals and a drum beat ending that sees the track come full circle. B side ‘Fake Gold’ builds momentum initially through repetition, before coming into its own with Jota’s characteristic vocal harmonies aurally lulling listeners into submission. Dual guitar play entices whilst background synth elements add a haunting edge. A probing bass line and melodic rhythm section with pleasant drum fills complete the track.

With all proceeds going to fund the bands eagerly anticipated second LP, this single is sure to attract attention from fans of psychedelia worldwide.



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