Track: Adelaide’s Seabass’s new single ‘Always Kidding’ is delicious low-fi rumble

The notorious 2016 blackouts that stuck South Australia in 2016 forms the inspiration for the new track ‘Always Kidding’ by Adelaide band Seabass. Singer Annie Siegmann says of the lyrical themes:

It’s about the silliness of having to entertain yourself without the internet, but with good friends – all very novel in the dark, making toasties on the gas stove. It’s also tied in with the silliness of chasing after a potential lover, and the dumb stuff you do that you then ruminate on for years afterwards.

This quiet contemplation is mirrored in the music – a delicious low-fi rumble that is melodic and wistful with a solid spine and slight discordant tone. Think of bands like Pavement or Dinosaur Jnr: earnest, unadorned and with a purity of expression. Siegmann’s voice chimes across the instrumentation with a sense of poignancy.

The accompanying video captures the scenery around Adelaide with a carefree tone and an enviable joie de vivre and camaraderie amongst the band:

This single is available to stream here and is the title track of Seabass’s EP due out on 17 February. You can catch the band launching the EP in Adelaide – details are:

Saturday 27 February Jive Adelaide
with Oscar The Wild, Mum Friends

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