Track: Brisbane’s highly talented musician RINSE unleashes dream pop perfection in track ‘Tamarynd (Wherever I am)’

RINSE is the solo work of Joe Agius, a central and compelling figure in the hyperactive and vibrant Brisbane musical scene. A collaborator with Hatchie (a firm Backseat Mafia favourite), Agius has just released the magnificent single ‘Tamarynd (Wherever I am)’ from his forthcoming debut EP, ‘Wherever I Am’ out 5 March 2021.

In a similar vein to Hatchie’s sound, Rinse’s single is a mesmerising and luscious dream pop reverie – shimmering guitars, a wash of sound and celestial harmonies and choruses.

This is psychedelic shoegaze/dream pop at its best – mesmerising and hypnotic, rich and immersive. Agius’s voice is magnificent: it soars and floats above the music. It is as lush and evocative as it is romantic. Of the lyrics, Agius says:

‘Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)’ was one of the first songs I wrote and recorded as RINSE and really started the ball rolling for this project. I wanted to write a love song that captured that feeling of falling hard for someone; how high and low it can make you feel at the same time, running into them at parties, talking to them online and not knowing if they feel the same way about you.

His talents are not confined to the musical either – Agius directed the accompanying video full of deeply rich psychedelic colours and images, intimate and magical, interspersed with graphics. He was inspired by his love of sci-fi shows:

I wanted the video to encapsulate what it’s like being stuck inside your own head when you are totally infatuated with somebody. Whether you’re wondering what they are doing or feeling, or you’re just going through life’s motions until you can see them again.

This is simply marvellous and very exciting stuff, a heady start to the year.

The single is out now and available here and you can pre-order the EP here or directly from the artist below:

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