See: Charlie Clark releases hilarious and charming video for the jangling single ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man’.

Charlie Clark‘s brilliant single ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man’ (reviewed by me here) still resonates strongly after numerous listens – I described it as ‘a pulse quickening bell that rings out with jangling guitars, lush choruses and a sense of strength and rebirth’.

Clark has followed this up with an utterly charming and hilarious video – beautifully and artistically shot scenes of Clark gamboling about in a cow suit in remote Scotland. It perfectly evokes the themes of the song: a sense of freedom and release as Clark rambles freely in nature – across water, through fields and down dusty roads.

Absolutely enchanting, and a panacea for the blues.

Featured on Clark’s forthcoming 2021 solo album, ‘Late Night Drinking’, ‘Don’t Have A Cow, Man!’ is due out on 5 February 2021 and is mastered by Ride’s Mark Gardener. Clark has signed to Alan McGee’s new label ‘It’s Creation Baby’.

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