Since I first encountered Bang Bang Romeo in early 2014, their potential was immediately obvious to me. In the years since then they have gained themselves an ever-growing fanbase, enjoyed national radio play and established themselves as one of the most thrilling live acts doing the rounds today.

“Natural Born Astronaut” is one of Bang Bang Romeo’s finest tunes to date, with the three piece firing on all cylinders. As anyone that will have witnessed the band playing live in recent years will already know, Stars is rapidly establishing herself as one of the definitive voices of her generation, which coupled to Richard Gartland’s thunderous drums and Ross Cameron’s unique guitar work, makes for a heady listening experience.

A taught pop-rocker, “Natural Born Astronaut” rockets along with Stars’ soulful vocals being front and centre, possessing a real sense of purpose which should see Bang Bang Romeo go stratospheric in the next few months.

The single is out now and links to purchase it can be found at: