Track: Jared Alto drops the haunting piano essay, ‘Stranger’

Jared Alto

THE DRUNKEN phone call or text. Maybe to your ex, or a friend you’ve had recent beef with, or whomever; the advice the world over is simple; don’t do it. Nuh-uh. Never.

But London-based LGBT+ singer-songwriter Jared Alto proves a serendipitous exception to the golden, drunken rule. Always inherently possessed of a proper singer’s voice, his fledgling career really began to take shape last year after drunkenly contacting a vocal coach one night on Gumtree.

A debut single followed and he’s just released his third of the year, the piano-led, stark sad-pop of “Stranger”, a song for a regularly refreshed shot glass, a midnight perusal of pictures of better times, that horrible wrench when the person you were so close to, so close to, has donned a new guise and a new life as easy as that and become a stranger.

A little death expressed in vocal whisper and elegiac keys; never breaking out into power-balladry cliche, it sits as an understated paean to loss, with a solitary tear.

Jared Alto’s “Stranger” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Connect with Jared elsewhere on the web on Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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