Track: Nubiyan Twist release new track ‘If I Know’, feat. K.O.G.

Nubiyan Twist
Twisting the night away

NUBIYAN TWIST have been teasing us with a number of new singles from their forthcoming album, and the latest is “If I Know” (featuring K.O.G.).

The earlier singles have been more restrained, with jazz and downtempo influences, but this one really lets loose.  It’s a six-minute Afrobeat epic complete with horns, breakdown, false ending, and driven forward by K.O.G.’s relentless vocal delivery.

 “‘If I Know’ is all about needing to respect everybody and to let them do their thing,” K.O.G. explains. 

“Whatever your feelings, you should not bring people down, you should always encourage them.” .

This track joins the previously revealed “24-7”“Buckle Up” and “Tittle Tattle”.  The all-star collaborators featured so far means the forthcoming Freedom Fables album is shaping up to be highly anticipated and likely to be one of 2021’s high points.  

The band also have a special socially distanced gig (remember gigs?) and livestream from Islington Assembly Hall on March 30th to serve as a launch party.  Tickets are available here.

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