Track: Dralms – Shook

Dralms is a project by Christopher Smith, featuring  collaborators Shaunn Thomas Watt (Siskiyou), Will Kendrick (Failing) and Peter Carruthers (Siskiyou). Shook is the debut album from this ensemble and musically shifts through dark and lighte passages all the while stabilised by Smiths light floating vocals throughout. A definite late night album full of cool bass riffs and moody  lyrics, the tracks build to a fuller sound but never get weighed down and overcomplicated. Making your way through the album you get the feeling we’ve been here before,  having musical similarities  akin to certain pieces of ‘Pink Floyd’ (Objects of Effection) and  ‘Air’ (Pillars and Pyre) it’s like submerging yourself  into warm, inviting waters, sinking contentedly down into the darkness. Though having these musical comparisons it  never feels trite, the delivery is fresh and the album has an overall originality that shines. Smiths vocals are a main draw for this album from his  peaceful  angelic tones to  the depth and simple poetic nature of the lyrics themselves  “this is hell for the weak ones, for the strong this is heaven on earth” (Pillars and Pyre) “You let your hair down, little birds gone tumbling to the ground, Oh, you’re quite a catch” (Crushed Pleats). Smith explained about the album “There’s a lot about power and control on the record, and I’m shaking out of that struggle, both in terms of forming a band and surrendering total control, and also romantically, as an individual, looking at relationships and which side you want to be on.” There’s  a real sense of the bearing of souls on the record and a genuine showing of emotions through the music and lyrics that stays with you and makes the experience one you’ll appreciate. Make a note to check this one out. 

Track List:
1. usage
2. pillars & pyre
3. domino house
4. divisions of labour
5. shook
6. my heart is in the right place
7. objects of affection
8. wholly present
9. gang of pricks
10. crushed pleats



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