Film Review: Wrong Turn (2021)

Jen hiding in rocks

One of the most dispiriting trends within Hollywood is that of the remake, reboot, reimagining, rehash or, as a like to call in, cynical cash-grab. Most of which are pathetic. Whether that’s remaking ‘foreign’ films for those who refuse to read subtitles or rebooting a successful film a few years later in order to extract as many dollars as possible. However, there are many films which had a great premise but never reached their potential, which are rife for a revisit. Wrong Turn shows how well it can be done.

Jen (Charlotte Vega) has travelled to the wilds with a group of friends in order to walk some of the Appalachian Trail. While they all have a purpose in life, she is still looking for her calling. Despite being warned to stay on the path, they go ‘off road’ in search of some history. This proves to be a fatal error when they encroach on the land of The Foundation, a group who have distanced themselves from society in order to rebuild America when it falls.

Whilst the Wrong Turn franchise has certainly lived up to its name, Mike P. Nelson’s new instalment takes many of the better aspects and creates a much better chiller. The central story is very strong. Well written, acted and directed. Conjuring up an intriguing cult premise. However, using the father’s tale as a way to resolve events, is as a wrong turn, as is the frustratingly misjudged ending. Still, Wrong Turn 2021 is a step up and a horror film which will surprise and impress many.

Wrong Turn is released On Demand, Digital, Blu-ray and DVD in the US by Saban Films on 23 February.

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