Track: Buffalo Tom – Lonely Fast and Deep

Boston-based indie band Buffalo Tom have released “Lonely Fast and Deep” from their forthcoming album, Quiet and Peace, due out on 2nd March 2018 via Scrawny/Schoolkids Records. Their new batch of songs, draw from bygone stylistic elements that are sure to please devoted fans. Quiet and Peace includes 11 new tracks, where guitar riffs bleed through the swooning indie sensibilities. With their U.S tour kicking off in Seattle on 1st March 2018, the trio – singer/guitarist Bill Janovitz, bass/vocalist Chris Colbourn and drummer Tom Maginnis bring material that emerges from New England’s darkest corners; offering a dark sentiment, illuminated by the verve of catchy, dynamic, powerful riffs.

Reminiscent of early R.E.M. (y’know, the real good stuff) but with that extra edge and turbo, Lonely Fast and Deep is pretty much exactly that. But its also just about as catchy and as gloriously messy a track we’ve heard this year.

Check it out, here

From the forthcoming album Quiet and Peace, out March 2nd 2018

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