Track: Brian Eno – Like I was a spectator, plus Apollo reissue / new music news

There is new Brian Eno music on the horizon, quite literally actually. He’s to reissue his seminal soundtrack album ‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’, written with his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois to accompany Al Reinert’s landmark feature-length documentary ‘For all Mankind’, featuring footage of and interviews with Apollo astronauts.
In addition, there is a whole disc of new music, with Roger, Brian and Daniel working together collaboratively for the first time since the films release in 1983, reimagining the soundtrack from today’s perspective. As well as Brian’s contributions, Lanois offers 3 compositions; ‘Capsule’, ‘Last Step From The Surface’ and ‘Fine-grained’, while Roger Eno’s are ‘Waking Up’, ‘Under The Moon’ and ‘Strange Quiet’. The first glimpse of the new music comes in the shape of a track ‘Like I was a Spectator’.
It’s almost static in its approach, slow moving with the chords gently overlapping and giving this slightly woozy, otherworldly feel. Despite the lack of obvious melody, it somehow feels uplifting. Check it out, here
‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ – Extended Edition is out on July 19th via UMC
Disc 1: ‘Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks’ – Remastered
01.  ‘Under Stars’ (4:29)
02.  ‘The Secret Place’ (3:31)
03.  ‘Matta’ (4:20)
04.  ‘Signals’ (2:47)
05.  ‘An Ending (Ascent)’ (4:24)
06.  ‘Under Stars II’ (3:23)
07.  ‘Drift’ (3:05)
08.  ‘Silver Morning’ (2:40)
09.  ‘Deep Blue Day’ (3:58)
10.  ‘Weightless’  (4:35)
11.  ‘Always Returning’ (4:04)
12.  ‘Stars’ (8:02)
Disc 2: ‘For All Mankind’
01.  ‘The End Of A Thin Cord’ (4:08)
02.  ‘Capsule’ (3:13)
03.  ‘At The Foot Of A Ladder’ (3:35)
04.  ‘Waking Up’ (2:29)
05.  ‘Clear Desert Night’ (3:11)
06.  ‘Over The Canaries’ (4:41)
07.  ‘Last Step From The Surface’ (3:58)
08.  ‘Fine-grained’ (3:34)
09.  ‘Under The Moon’ (3:10)
10.  ‘Strange Quiet’ (4:09)
11.  ‘Like I Was A Spectator’ (4:23)
  • 2LP 180gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve
  • Limited numbered 2CD edition with 24 page full colour hardcover book
  • Standard 2CD edition
  • Special digital edition with exclusive cover art
  • Standard digital edition
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