Track: Voltage Black – Get your Iron Aligned

I thought I liked to invent genre’s. So far since I started this blog, only some seven months ago but sometimes it seems like a lifetime, the amount of time I (and the rest of the brilliant contributors we have here at the moment) spend keeping everyone updated with musical and artistic musings. I’ve sandwiched together the most unlikely of musical bedfellows to shoehorn in as descriptions for various sounds that waft regularly across my ears.

Seems I don’t have to bother with London’s Voltage Black, who describe their own music as (and I like this one) Superhero music, and also maximal electronica. Voltage Black is actually the brainchild of producer Ewan Fisher, who builds these sonically experimental soundscapes, multi-layered pieces of sound. Live, he’s joined by drummer James Milton, who propels the sound into not before experienced ‘heaviness’ (that’s not another description/genre by the way, just mine) and have recently been attracting the ears of taste-makers such as Tom Robinson over on 6music.

Out today (24th June) is their brand new single ‘Get your iron aligned’. It a tour de force of what Voltage Black can do, from the heavy opening footsteps (albeit smothered by electronic sound), through the  singing and quasie-depeche mode (I’m being careful about that one, I got in trouble last time) keyboard sounds that ebb and flow, gently guiding you away from reality. The trick that Iron Aligned have managed so well is to keep coming up with ideas and surprises for the whole six and a half minutes.

What you call it, well, that’s up to them.

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