Live Review: The Comet Is Coming / Snapped Ankles – Somerset House, London 14.07.2023

Cath Dupuy

Since being Mercury prize-nominated for their first album ‘Channel the Spirits’ in 2016, The Comet is Coming have continued to evolve through our cosmic plane! It’s hard to avoid the astronomical comparisons with this band, as they are truly a galactic force to be reckoned with!

The jazz trio (in the loosest term) are all hugely talented individuals… saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, synth player Danalogue and drummer Betamax, are all masters of their own instruments, but are glued together in tight seemingly improvisational rhythms in their live performances.

Shabaka’s instantly recognisable and unique playing technique utilises circular breathing (like a didgeridoo) to create his continuous, relentless sound and it is truly mesmerising to witness. Dan Leavers aka ‘Danalogue’, hovers and gyrates in command over his banks of synths and Max Hallett aka ‘Betamax’ frequently stands up to pump out his solid, ferocious beats.

Tonight, the band are enveloped in the incredible cosmic visuals of filmmaker – Daisy Dickinson, which aptly mirror the title of their latest album ‘Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam’! Making this a truly memorable evening, especially as this is their last London show. Shabaka has recently announced that he is laying down his saxophone, in order to pursue other musical journeys with the bamboo flute.
The Comet has been and left an indestructible mark on the musical cosmos!

Snapped Ankles perfectly opened the evening with some primal rhythms and experimental
sounds on synths and home-made instruments. Though their name does in no way reflect
their organic, shamanistic- looking head coverings!

Snapped Ankles

The Comet Is Coming

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