Countdown to Rebellion – Day 28: Introducing 18 Fevers

Finally back on track after a few hiccups, we are now only 28 days away from Rebellion 2023.

18Fevers derived its name from the tumultuous summer of 2020, when the world experienced an overwhelming tipping point during the Covid-19 pandemic. The genesis of the band can be traced back to bassist Matt and vocalist Christmas, who harboured a strong desire to form a new musical ensemble. The group solidified when Texas-born drummer Garik and YuHee, esteemed vocalist of the alternative band Veins, joined as lead guitarist. Drawing inspiration from the early days of death punk and goth rock exemplified by TSOL and Christian Death, as well as grunge and the distinctive sound of 90’s era AFI, 18Fevers‘ musical style is a fusion of these elements. Additionally, Christmas’ commanding, untamed vocals, imbued with a delicate and unique emotional quality, set 18Fevers apart within the Korean underground music scene.

Matt, whose musical DNA hails from the punk rock culture of Los Angeles and Orange County, has fearlessly explored various genres, unleashing an aggressive blend that encompasses old school punk, hardcore, Swedish death metal, ska, and anything with a captivating groove. He has been an integral part of the Korean underground scene for close to a decade.

Drummer Garik, characterized by his affinity for hip-hop and new metal emo-core, enthralls audiences with energetic performances reminiscent of a child eagerly awaiting a snack. YuHee, the acclaimed vocalist of Veins, an alternative band known for their achievements such as winning the Hello Rookie and Daerape Gold Awards, was captivated by vocalist Christmas’ distinctively raw and distorted vocal style, reminiscent of icons like Joan Jett and The Distillers. Consequently, YuHee joined 18Fevers as the lead guitarist.

In 2023, 18Fevers inked a contract with Victim Records, a prominent Korean punk label, and received an invitation to perform at the world famous Rebellion Festival, the United Kingdom’s largest rock festival held annually in August. Demonstrating their dedication to both the domestic and international music scenes, the band promises to engage in a multitude of upcoming endeavors.

Visit the bands Bandcamp page here

18Fevers make their Rebellion debut on the RIS stage in Arena Fri 4th Aug 19:15 – 19:45

However, if you can’t wait that long you can catch them at a Rebellion warm up show in Liverpool at Outpost on Tues 1st Aug, sharing the bill with Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Rumkicks and Authority Cracks Tix here

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