Track: PLV Music Blends Pop & House On New Single ‘Gotta Be’

Blending cinematic, atmospheric electronic and dance beats with pop melodies, PLV Music captures an etherial euphoria on the new single ‘Gotta Be’.

Wasting no time introducing its infectious vocal melodies and bright spacious production, ‘Gotta Be’ opens with a wash of bright synths, subtle guitar, deep bass and as the breathy, silky and effortlessly infectious lead vocals provide a central focal point. Building with the introduction of a pulsing kick, the track gradually builds to a sumptuous drop, as a bright synth riff enters, the beat becomes more present and the bass pulses to enhance to tracks danceability.

Continue it’s journey through a slightly built up second verse, the track eventually closes out on a dreamy, punching and multi layered climactic final section as filtered vocal samples dance around the vibrant synth heavy backdrop.

PLV music describes the single as “Gotta Be is the perfect mix of all my music influences : Chill, Lo-Fi, EDM, Progressive/Tropical House & Melodic Techno”, a description I can definitely echo. The track possesses an etherial, dreamy element despite being routed firmly within the realms of dance pop which keeps it intriguing throughout.

Listen below:

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