Premiere: The rollicking Hillsborough are ‘Comin’ Back For You’ with a foot stomping sonic whirlwind and launch date.

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Comin’ Back For You’ from meanjin/Brisbane outfit Hillsborough, and it’s just the right medicine to blow those mid-winter shivers away (for our antipodean readers) or to celebrate the blinding sun (for northerners).

There is a satisfying swagger, a sort of alt country bluesy pace with a touch of indie grit enough to satisfy anyone. The track clatters and grinds its way across the dusty landscape replete with jangling cowboy boots, desert landscapes and whiskey-soaked vocals dragged across barbed wire. It brings to mind the attitude of The Kills in its sneery and studied insouciance:

‘Comin’ Back For You’ is out everywhere tomorrow through Bueno Bueno Sounds. Hillsborough is essentially Phil Usher and Beata Maglai with the addition of Glen Russell (Double Bass) and Jonathan Pickvance (Drums) for their live shows. The band is named after the countryside where Usher’s father came from.

You can catch the band live at The Junk Bar in Meanjin // Brisbane on Saturday, 25 June from 1pm, presented by Young Henrys.

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