Premiere: From The Tiger’s Mouth, ‘Morning News’ is a broadcast of urgent positivity amongst the gloom.

Former Bengal Lancers member Harry Sullivan has made the most of the horrors of the past few years to create the From The Tiger’s Mouth project, and we are very pleased to premiere the result: the motorik beat of ‘Morning News’. This is a synth-based syncopated and urgent track with protest folk genes, where Sullivan passionately searches for positivity amongst the angst and dread of the news cycle – I’ll give you something good to write about.

Sullivan says:

I wrote ‘Morning News’ at the peak of lockdown after months of what felt like a never ending cycle of doom and gloom. I really didn’t want to write about the situation, but at the same time felt that I couldn’t help myself, in the same way that many of us couldn’t look away from the news at the time.

Songwriting is a process of making sense of the world and I wanted to explore the relentlessness of it all and write something that shared the frustrations a lot of us were feeling. Every day I was waking up and reading about another awful scenario. Sadly it doesn’t feel like much has changed, but Morning News has optimism at its heart. Despite all of this horror, there is joy in the world that is worth fighting for.

The result is an urgent and visceral protest song with a much needed shot of positivity:

‘Morning News’ is out tomorrow (Friday, 18 March 2022) and available to download and stream here.

From The Tiger’s Mouth was born out of the lifting of restrictions, when Sullivan retreated with longtime collaborators Charlie Hawkins, Max Hutchins and Aidan Wickham to a small abandoned church near Cambridge to work through the material written over the past 18 months. The result was the recording of a collection of tracks that will ultimately form his debut EP later in 2022.

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