Premiere: Ashlynn Malia shares lyric video for ‘Feels So Good’

Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based artist Ashlynn Malia released a six-song EP called navigating galaxies, songs written to exist in the voice memo stage. A refreshingly intimate look into her creation process, it signalled that there was more to come from Malia sooner rather than later – while it remains to be seen if she’ll return to those skeletal songs to flesh them out, she’s getting on with releasing new music.

From candidness and intimacy, her latest offering ‘Feels So Good’ does a complete U-turn back into pop territory, only now it’s a little bit more expansive, with an ethereal atmosphere sure to appeal to fans of Caroline Polachek‘s brilliant Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. “I’m in a phase of my music that I’m calling my ‘ethereal pop era.'” says Malia. “This is one of the first songs to come out of it, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s new for me to put out a song about being happy, I feel like there tends to be this idea that happy music can get a bit cheesy. Instead of being scared of that happening I leaned into the fun of it, while trying to incorporate a cosmic quality as well.”

We’ve got your first look at the song’s accompanying lyric video, featuring animation by Henry Clark. Further new music is expected from Ashlynn Malia this year; keep an eye out.

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