Tracks: Bossa Bandits – Don’t Ask Me

Don’t Ask Me is the fifth single to be release by British Latin-Crossover band Bossa Bandits and previews from their forthcoming album ‘All true stories’.

Clive B Bossa comments:

“Do you know someone who is always looking at their phone? And do you know someone who is always looking at your phone? Its about that! Don’t Ask Me tests the dynamics of your digital relationship (trust, love and just who comes between you and your phone)!?!”

The bandits have always brought us an antidote to modern times. A little bit of escapism to the dreary misery of lockdowns, restrictions, social media and the ever looming winter. The time the band are joined by British jazzman Rowland Southerland as he adds some lively flute to the mix on the latin influenced track, as Clive’s smooth vocals wash over you with his warm timbre.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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