Say Psych: Playlist 24/2016

A real mixed bag of new music here on Psych Insight this week. I hadn’t heard any of these tracks a week ago and am thrilled to have listened to them now. So just dive in and enjoy what’s new…


The Vanishing Earth Pt III by Tranquonauts

Tranquonauts is an album featuring a collaboration by Australian band Seedy Jeezus and Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell. This is the third section of the song The Vanishing Earth from side one of the self titled album. Purchase the album from


The Last Ride by Dark Strands

Project of Leeds’-based DJ Antony Beardsley producing dark and dystopian beats with more than a nod to techno. This Hoga Nord release seems more that appropriate as I write this on the day after the US election, ‘The Last Ride’ being described as “the soundtrack of choice for Mr. Kowalskis Requiem for the American Dream”.


Part IV by Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann

Amazing collaboration between Portuguese band Black Bombaim and legendary jazz saxophonist Peter Brötzmann. Together they have produced an album that is as disturbing as it is accomplished, bringing new angles to the work of both. Out now via Lovers & Lollypops and Shhpuma on CD and digital.



The Sentient by Dreamtime

It’s been a big year for Dreamtime releases this year. The first two albums, ‘Dreamtime‘ and ‘Sun‘, were re-released by Cardinal Fuzz/ Captcha Records back in January and sold out pretty damn quickly. Now hot (really hot) on their heels comes the Brisbane band’s third album ‘Strange Pleasures’ which is now up for pre-order from labels Cardinal Fuzz (Europe), Sky Lantern Records (North America) and TYM Records (Australia), for December release. ‘The Sentient’ is the first release from the album.


Song for John Pt. 1 by Terminal Cheesecake

“That Terminal Cheesecake are back and relevant says as much about our times as it does the band. This seems to be a fertile time for fresh and innovative music, whether you want it to be psychedelic is your call, that encourages you to think and feel in new ways. Part of that potency if fed by the times in which we live with the gradually fragmenting nature of this album somehow reflective of the twenty years since the band brought us new material.”

For the full review of the new ‘Dandelion Sauce of the Ancients’ album click here.


The Flesh by Has A Shadow

I’ve been a big fan of Has A Shadow for a while, and loved the band’s last album ‘The Sky Is Hell Black‘, and their great performance at this year’s Liverpool PsychFest. Now they are back with a new album on Fuzz Club Records, out in January, of which this is the lead track.


Cold Fear by Moon Duo

First track from the band’s new album ‘Occult Architecture Vol. 1’, out next year on Sacred Bones Records.


I’ll Bet by Del Caesar

Nice slice of upbeat psych/ garage from Del Ceasar from EP 2 ahead of its release on 11/11 through their psych imprint, Reheated Spaghetti.


Sand by Zement

“This on the one hand is very elemental music featuring the sonic building blocks of contemporary sound laid bare. Yet, as the band suggest, there is also a certain sense of alchemy here, a gestalt process in which the different elements come together to make something more. Yes there is something solid and functional about this music, but from that there is also something psychedelic and otherworldly. Listen to it and you gradually seen the structures melt in to a far more diffuse experience, it is Kosmische music which can take you away from the mundane into something altogether more mesmeric.”

For the full review of Zement’s album ‘Zement:Werk’ click here.


Orbital Test Vehicle by Gov’t Acid

Experimental psych rock from Finland. Gov’t Acid is a solo-project by E.A. Myles (from Lunar Miles Band and Atomic Fractal Goddess).


Octopus Shoes by Orange Kyte

Some nice East Coast rhythms combined with a shot of shoegaze make this a satisfying listen. Part of Vancouver band Orange Kyte’s project to release a single every month in 2016. This is the penultimate one.


DeificYen by Baba Naga

Sheffield band Baba Naga release the second track from the 10″ EP “Plná Krvy” / “DeificYen”, out on November 4th. Available from the band’s bandcamp here.

Vertical Take-Off Part 1 by GR (aka Gregory Raimo)

Amazing track from a new collection of taped recordings made between 2008 and 2016 by multi-instrumentalist Gregory Raimo. Pre-order of the LP, released on 31/12/16, is available here.


Disco Glove by Exploded View

New album out now on Sacred Bones Records. Exploded View is a new collaborative project led by the UK-born, Berlin-based political-journalist-turned-musician Anika (Invada Records / Stones Throw). After playing a string of 2014 solo shows in Mexico with a backing lineup composed of local producers Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo, Anika and her new bandmates discovered a chemistry that they simply had to capture on tape. The album was recorded live with no second takes or overdubs so feels quite raw and uncompromising. The band’s bandcamp page can be access here, where you can stream/ download the album.


Father Sky by Father Sky Mother Earth

Father Sky Mother Earth is a duo from Hamburg, Germany who only recently got together to explore “elements of doom, sludge, psychedelic rock and meditation music”. The band’s first results are good, having released the first two tracks onto their bandcamp page back in September; both of which are well over twenty minutes long and recorded on analogue equipment. These are real slow-burners that really help the listener zone out before hitting them with something harder and heavier towards the end. Good stuff!



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