Track: Australia’s Beddy Rays unveil elevating new track ‘On My Own’

The rise of Beddy Rays has been spectacular to watch. Coming off the back of their beloved single ‘Sobercoaster’ placing #57 in last year’s Hottest 100 countdown, a slew of catchy party singles, and the astonishing Like A Version cover of Thelma Plum’s ‘Better In Blak’, the band are delivering yet another magnificent single titled ‘On My Own’.

There’s one thing you can count on in a Beddy Ray’s song, and that’s for the whole thing to be perforated with hooks. From start to finish, it’s a spectacle of their distinctive energy and harmonious unity. Vocalist and guitarist Jackson Van Issum is a master of poignant lyricism that faultlessly parallels the driven instrumentation, impeccable intertwined and meticulously produced. A steady tempo helps the song easily flow through its sections, preserving that sweet charisma that they manage to exude in every single release.

Van Issum says of the track:

On My Own’ takes you to the darker side of our songwriting and taps into the melancholy aspects of being alone. It’s about the importance of taking time to yourself to sort out your own backyard, taking on whatever comes your way and backing yourself on every step of the way.

Of the accompanying video, the band says:

We were throwing around some ideas for a music video and came up with this super elaborate story that revolved around the words ‘On My Own’ then we slept on it and thought nah f**k that, lets keep it simple. We wanted to keep it very Reddy Bay so the idea came up to do the shoot in Lewy’s dad’s shed because it has shit spread everywhere and thought it was an awesome setting for the kind of clip we were going for. We also have some very fond memories attached to that shed, most of which involve a particular sports drink plastic bottle with a suspiciously short garden hose poking out of it.  The rest of the footage is just us wandering around reddy bay visiting places we used to linger, along with some gig footage to give it a bit of seasoning.


It’s unitive and elevating, and it captures everything you could ask for from Beddy Rays. The single is available to download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Luke Mckenna

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