Premiere: Bristol avant-folk troupe Dead Space Chamber Music release the serene beauty of Byrd One Brere

Bristol avant-folk troupe Dead Space Chamber Music are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album The Black Hours, out on December 3rd on various beautiful physical releases, and from it we are delighted to be able to premiere the track Byrd One Brere right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track the group say “Bryd one Brere (Bird on a Briar)’ is the earliest surviving English love song with lyrics in middle english, dated c. 1290–1320.” Intertwining strings float down its quintessentially English folk path, as the vocal soars and pulls at your feels, while the strings chop and cymbals shimmer underneath. As the track meanders along, so things begin to develop and unravel, but it never loses this earthy beauty.

It’s both beautiful and ageless. Check it out, here

Pre-order, here

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