PREMIERE: Nicotine Dolls cause a ruckus on storming new single ‘Upset the Neighbours’

Goodness, this song is fun. If you’ve had New York quartet Nicotine Dolls on your radar before now, you’re probably familiar with their debut EP – Sex, Addiction, & Everyone Else was released in February, and we thought that would be it from them this year, but they’re closing out 2021 with a cracking new single which we’re very keen on.

Out tomorrow, it’s called ‘Upset the Neighbours’, and the subject of the song is searching for pleasure in a crumbling relationship; or as lead vocalist Sam Cieri puts it: This song is two people keeping veering away and distracting themselves from the issues inherent between them. I brought this one to the band feeling like it was right up our alley, big exhilarating sounds tied onto the inevitable weight of the topic. We went in wanting to chase the distraction part of the story, the fun and the show. So, we take that grounding and then thought, what if ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness was covered by a 2007 pop punk band? It’s always a good sign if these are the questions you are asking.”

We’ve got your first listen below, and if you’re still wondering if you should listen to this, the answer is a resounding yes.

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