Track: Big Vacation’s Latest Single ‘Anchor Point’ Unveils Alt-Pop Splendour

Originating from Eora/Sydney, indie-pop sensation Big Vacation has just unveiled his mesmerising latest single, ‘Anchor Point‘. With a multifaceted role as both producer and mixer, Big Vacation has entrusted the mastering of this musical gem to the skilled hands of Matt Curtin, celebrated for collaborations with electronic heavyweights Flume, ODESZA, and Golden Features.

‘Anchor Point’ gently unfurls with a distinctive and intimate charm, enveloping itself in a fusion of warm samples, sweet chords, and the velvety vocals of Big Vacation. The groove, enhancing the fluid ambience, steadily builds, seamlessly flowing into an enchanting chorus. The prospect of experiencing this single live is nothing short of captivating, embodying alt-pop intimacy and crafting something truly special and unique. This gem irresistibly calls for multiple spins.

The debut of ‘Anchor Point’ comes hand in hand with what can only be described as the most heartwarming rendition of “found footage”, thoughtfully curated by the artist himself. Overflowing with charm, the visual accompaniment captures the essence of the creative vision behind the music.

In discussing the inspiration behind ‘Anchor Point,’ Big Vacation shares, “‘Anchor Point’ centres around the theme of feeling lost in the vast world we inhabit and acknowledging the normalcy of this sentiment. Whether navigating through one’s own city or venturing to another part of the world, the feeling of being adrift is universal, and we all seek that anchor point to bring everything into focus.

Previously recognised as Billy Fox, Chris Baker, the creative force behind Big Vacation, has garnered acclaim throughout Australia with his earlier projects. Having shared stages with the likes of Lime Cordiale and Little Green, Baker’s music video for ‘Let’s Be Honest’ also secured the prestigious ‘Best Colour’ Award at the CLIPPED Music Video Festival. Big Vacation’s evolution marks a new chapter in an already illustrious musical journey, promising continued innovation and enchanting future releases.

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