See: Jorja Smith’s new track ‘Addicted’ is a cautionary tale of love and loss, though there is beauty in its tragedy. Video out now

The tale speaks of someone who wishes to be loved back by a person they’re infatuated with, an experience most people have felt atleast once in their lives. “Too far in it, too far gone. She knows what’s in it, she knows what’s wrong” are the profound opening lyrics to this new track. The comparison to love and addiction is not one often made but I believe it works in this circumstance, and really paints the picture as if you’re experiencing it yourself. “Can we drink just not to care, not care just to drink. Can’t that be enough and not take too much” is a lyric that really highlights Jorja’s growth and development of an artist, with deeply profound and cutting lyrics like these, it’s no wonder that she’s growing into one of the rising stars in modern R&B.

Accompanying this is a DIY lockdown video, featuring Jorja posing in front of the camera in both a professional photo shoot sense and a relaxed at home style, this highlights the many parts of her character, as Jorja herself states “the video is multiple versions of me singing the song; having fun dressing up, not trying to be too serious and just giving myself more freedom”. Though the content of the music video may be a juxtaposition of the rather dark lyrical content, I believe this helps highlight the message of the song. 

Overall, ‘addicted’ is a great addition to the Jorja Smith Discography, and we look forward to hearing more from her in the future

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