ALBUM REVIEW: Jack Adaptor : The Spoiler Versions

Jack Adaptor : The Spoiler Versions

The New album from Paul Frederick and Christopher Cordoba

Supple Pipe Records SP3011


Quite incredibly this is Jack Adaptors 7th album, Paul Frederick ex Family Cat and Christopher Cordoba have been working together since 1996 with the release of their debut Jack Adaptor and Road Rail River albums the duo have continued to make progress often drawing elements of Funk Hip Hop and Electronica into the recordings. Along the way they have seen much praise from the likes of  Steve Lamacq Andrew Collins and Bob Stanley.

My first main encounter with JA, came with the 2014 release of J`Accuse with its dark lyrical content and experimental piano and keyboard work and tracks Number One Record and Get it Right First time an album Frederick had said he had wanted to make for some time.

Jack Adaptor ‘Queen of the Universe’ from Jack Adaptor on Vimeo.

With each album the band seem to discover more style and styles to work with and The Spoiler Versions is no different, Navigating The Amazon is a real mix of clever well arranged funk with great key stabs.. its how you use a keyboard right… also the  middle eight is something of a piece of art,   Lemon Twigs meets Overpowered by Funk.. its had radio play and quite rightly so.

Say When features the cracking voice of Claudia Brucken, and shows the diversity of the duos song writing, Pionus and Proven Warrior are finely crafted and Frederick`s voice here is better than ever.

Glue Man is the standout track for me, its slow waltzing drum and understated keys, its how you use them right?, and its lyric almost feeling like it`s been sung through a megaphone, it`s really a beautiful piece of work.

There`s more to come from Jack Adaptor im sure and they will I understand be taking to some live performances later in the year, but this is without doubt the finest work from the band so far and the best all round album, and well worth a purchase.

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The Spoilers, Proven Warrior, Say When, Glue Man, Navigating The Amazon, Pionus, The Road To Bali, Queen Of The Universe, Oppenheimer in Manhattan, I Wish I could Be Better

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