Premiere: The magnificent Anatomy Class return with the explosive melancholia of ‘Expo 88’

It is with unbound pleasure that we premiere the new single ‘Expo 88’ from the magnificent Anatomy Class – one of our much beloved antipodean bands coming out of Melbourne.

Anatomy Class’s forte are Himalayan mountain range-sized jingle jangle pop melodies with an anthemic force, and it has been more than eight months since we were last blessed with a release from this band.

‘Expo 88’is a brilliant resumption of term – it pops and fizzles with an exciting and driving thrum and a thread of delicious melancholia winds its way through Ant Rosen’s vocals with a Lemonheads or Doves passionate edge, augmented by an inherent indie sensibility and heart-stopping yearning. Antithetically, the guitars positively sparkle and shimmer in an effervescent minor key; rumbling and thundering like an incoming wave on a surf beach.

Rosen is proud of the band’s recent output:

 I feel these are our strongest collection of songs yet. After years playing together, particularly for Nick (Kennedy) and I, the song-writing process felt a lot more intuitive and focused on what the Anatomy Class sound is all about.

After a tough last year or so, it’s just great to get some new music out there. And whilst I can lay claim to being at Expo 88, the track has nothing to do with the actual event. I may pull out an old Expo 88 t-shirt at our next gig though!

‘Expo 88’ indeed follows a stream of indelible singles from this exciting band over the last 12 months.

‘Expo 88’ is out tomorrow (Thursday, 30 June 2022) through Bandcamp and all the usual download and streaming sites.

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