Premiere: The Corner Laughers – The Calculating Boy

Californian indie pop bands The Corner Laughers release their latest single, The Calculating Boy on May 15th, taken from their forthcoming album Temescal Telegraph, due out June 5. We’re delighted to premiere the single today here on Backseat Mafia.

The bands frontwoman Karla Kane says of the track “’The Calculating Boy’ takes inspiration from 17th-century witch hunts, 19th-century mathematical prodigies and 20th-century occultists to form a 21st-century sinister pop song about feeling a bit different; a bit out of place or time. The sound reflects this: tense rhythms, soaring strings and keys, and slightly haunting, harmonized vocals. It has a lot packed into its short track length and, we hope, proves an intriguing kickoff to the new album. “

It’s this charming slice off off-kilter (indie) pop, almost as if Andy Partridge has bequeathed one of his own melodies to them. Alternatively driving and wistful, it has this sort of warm, immediate nature about it that, draped in harmonies and chiming guitars, that is instantly loveable.

Check it out here

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