Premiere: ioakim unveils exquisite video for the gorgeous single ‘Tongue Tied’

We are very pleased to premiere the new video for the track ‘Tongue Tied’ by Australian artist ioakim ( i – owe – kim ).

‘Tongue Tied’ is a velvet smooth atmospheric track filled with a sense of yearning and regret: bubbling instrumentation and a gently melodic, syncopated pace evoking a late night cityscape vision from the likes of Michael Mann of Nicolas Winding Refn. ioakim says of the song:

‘Tongue tied’ is about having an overwhelming feeling of not being able to communicate. I remember during the time of writing this song I was in situations where I couldn’t find the words I needed at the right time. The themes throughout this song include, love, relationships and having the regret of not being able to say everything you wish you could’ve. I wrote, recorded and produced the track in my bedroom on the night of June 2nd 2020. It all happened super quick and felt like a massive blur. The demo from this night ended up being the final version with the exception of James Christowski ( mix + mastering credits ) who added some acoustic guitar in the last chorus. This song is special to me as I feel like it is the first of many songs that open up into the true world of ioakim.

The accompanying video is a gloriously shot series of journeys depicting gentle obsessions and isolated wanderings. The muted colours with split screens capture the melancholy tones and feelings of separation and loneliness. Quite beautiful:

Out through Arcadia (a new label from Sony), ‘Tongue Tied’ is available to stream and download here.

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