Premiere: LEONE take their power back on title track from forthcoming new EP, ‘GTFOH’

Last month, Brooklyn band LEONE got our attention with ‘I Wanna Be’, a taster of the new EP they’re putting out in just under a month. It was accompanied by an intense video in which vocalist Richie Leone is screwed over in a game of poker as a metaphor for trust issues, something the trio explore further (in a figurative and literal sense) on the EP’s title track.

They shapeshift again, serving up a riff-heavy alt-rock song that wades into murky political discourse and the world’s myriad points of view. Per Leone himself: ‘GTFOH’ is my first time speaking about my frustration with the establishment and the world we are living in. How we turn on each other at the flip of a dime, and are so easily manipulated by the media and people in power. However, there are so many issues and subliminal messages that are being talked about and I really want the audience to come up with their own opinion & story for both of these videos. [This one] starts with me finding myself beaten and tied up by someone I can’t quite see. As the video goes on I see that the enemy is in fact someone I had trusted in the past ([referring to the] ‘I Wanna Be’ music video which ends with a “to be continued…”). The end of ‘GTFOH’ shows me taking back my power and walking my own path. The vocals are meant to sound like a loudspeaker. It’s my first time using my voice to relay this kind of message.”

It’s out tomorrow, but we’ve got your first look at the ‘GTFOH’ video below; the EP of the same name arrives on Friday August 18th.

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