Premiere: LEONE search for the romantic ideal on the darkly seductive new cut ‘I Wanna Be’

In the video for their new single, Brooklyn trio LEONE put it all on red, and lose, badly, as a trip to a dingy casino has consequences. On first glance it has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrical content of ‘I Wanna Be’, but then you remember that betting and gambling are often used as metaphors in romantic relationships, and it all makes sense. It’s a great clip, too, directed by Beth Fletcher.

Vocalist Richie Leone explains more about the connection between the song and its video: “‘I Wanna Be’ is a song about searching for your dream partner, someone who will let you in fully. The music video for the song, however, contradicts this message. Serving as a nod to my poker-loving father, it revolves around a poker table, where I find myself in cahoots with one of the players. Engaging in a dance of seduction and deceit, our aim is to cheat the game and claim all of the money at stake. This visual metaphor portrays my personal experiences of feeling betrayed and hurt in relationships, despite giving my all. As the video reaches its climax, two undercover figures make a dramatic entrance, and in a surprising turn of events, I am knocked out and taken away while my deceptive “partner” walks off with the money.”

Originally Leone’s solo project, hence the name, LEONE (all-caps, the band) release their second EP and first recorded music as a trio on Friday August 18th. It’s called GTFOH and we don’t need to tell you what that stands for. Tune in for our video premiere below:

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  1. […] video goes on I see that the enemy is in fact someone I had trusted in the past ([referring to the] ‘I Wanna Be’ music video which ends with a “to be continued…”). The end of ‘GTFOH’ shows me […]

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