Track: Karma Sheen – Without You (Raag Jog)

Victoria Carr

Ahead of the release of their self-titled debut album due Oct 13th and a nationwide UK headline tour next month, London-based Hindustani Classical psych-rockers Karma Sheen have shared the final album teaser ‘Without You (Raag Jog)’.

Explaining the meaning behind ‘Without You (Raag Jog)’, Karma Sheen frontman Sameer Khan explains:

“‘Raag Jog’ casts a spell of contemplative serenity and devotional fervour, weaving a narrative that resonates with deep spiritual yearning. It captures the raga’s essence, guiding us through a journey of shedding the past and paving a path to a brighter tomorrow, all while embracing the delicate plea of “Jia nahi laageh Tum Bina Mora” which translates to: My soul is at an unrest without you.”

The perfect mash up of classical Pakistani melodies and psyche rock that has a swirling mysterious air to it thanks to the Sitar and floating rhythmic vocals that meld with the solid rock riffs. This is music you never knew you needed.

Check it out, here

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