Track: Paranoid London – ‘The State Of That’: delectably dark dancefloor banger tees up their new EP

Paranoid London

PARANOID LONDON, the shadowy two-piece of Quinn Whalley and Gerardo Delgado, who understand all the right things about what makes dancefloor culture so righteous and necessary and addictive – it should be perfumed with sweat and shadows and melody and mantric thrum and hell, you can’t beat a little acid, and it should have space for your soul to fall into – are returning with a new EP at the end of the month.

The outfit who make bold, clear manifesto statements – witness their one-sided debut 12″ as One Last Riot, “We Make Acid” – invite us to Annihilate The World & Start All Over on May 28th, and you know what? They’re onto something with that idea.

Their new EP is more cavernous and spacious, more stripped down to the essentials even, than their excellent last album, last year’s PL; get y’self down to the end of the article there a sec, whack that teaser track “The State Of That” up proper loud, shut your eyes and picture that basement, barely lit, garlanded with sex and movement. Tune. Banger.

Yep, there’s no squelch this time out, which is something of a swerve, but I’m not missing it; the track has depth, beautifully mecanoid and addictive rhythm magic and a gradually rising euphoria. They say, with a no-nonsense candour, the 303 broke during lockdown, so we got on and did a record without it.” There you are. Now you know.

Elsewhere on the EP we’re promised “sine wave techno, euphoric festival destroyers and deep, warped k-hole vocal house.”

Paranoid London’s Annihilate The World & Start All Over EP will be released digitally and on vinyl by Paranoid London Records on May 28th; pre-order your copy here.

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