New Music: The Raft, Orion (EP)

Liverpudlian Phil Wilson, the genius behind The Raft, is scarily prolific, having released a series of three rather epic EPs over the last six months (see previous reviews here). And what is even more astounding is the quality never suffers: these are a series of brilliant indie pop jingle jangle classics that manages to merge a range of Liverpool sounds – The Beatles, The Las and The Lightning Seeds into a distinctly unique sound.

Latest release, “Orion” is a case in point. First track, “Blue is Blue” has that The Charlatans sense of brooding melancholy in the vocals laid across a sparkling crystal bedrock of chiming guitars. Title track, “Orion” continues the shimmer on steroids with an Echo and the Bunnymen-style central shift. Wilson continues his collaboration with Claire O’Neill, who provides beautiful harmonies throughout the EP and shares writing credits with the third track “Into You” where she also takes the lead on the vocals. This is a more contemplative ballad with the same dollop of yearning that interweaves the songs.

Final track, “My Elusive Friend” is a five minute slow burner that has all the hallmarks of a stadium-enrapturing anthem with gorgeous string arrangements.

This is yet another magnificent release from The Raft, and I can’t wait to hear what comes next week…

The Raft has signed with American label ‘Dut Dut Dut Dut’ and is due to release an album in 2018. At this rate, it will be at least a double album.

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