SEE: Dope Body’s ‘Jer Bang’: Baltimore noiseniks are back atcha; be glad

BALTIMORE’S knife-sharp noise outfit Dope Body, who released a trio of salvos at yr head for Drag City in the first part of the decade in the shape of Natural History, Lifer and Kunk, were a sad loss to our need for noise when they decided to call it quits in 2016. Less punchy guitar noise = less fun. Do the math.

They announced what I guess you’d call a ‘soft return’ with the digital-only release Home Body back in May: short, surgical blasts of raw garage punk, a few of which limboed under the two-minute wire. We reviewed it here and noted it was  “a joy to hear a band in love with the music they are making.”

And now there’s a full release in the can: yep, physical, one you can balance your Rizlas on, whack on your turntable so the spit and yowl of the guitars is a real thing, the noise of stylus on wax amplified. Mmm.

It’s out at the end of October, but they’ve dropped “Jer Bang” as a little spiky taster of what’s to come in a few weeks. You can watch the video below; it’s full of reindeer heads, skinny torsos, shredded Telecasters, redneck grotesquery. The song? Two minutes 40 of stop-start garage-hardcore blast, trippily blurry vocals, atonal lead breaks. Yesss.

Dope Body’s Crack A Light will be released by Drag City on digital and LP formats on October 30th; there’s also various tee-shirt and vinyl bundles. Order yours here.

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