It is with great pleasure that Backseat Mafia premiere’s the latest single from Brisbane’s highly talented musician/producer Amber Ramsay, working under the name Cloud Tangle. ‘Romance Me’ is a dreamy, floaty masterpiece with Ramsay’s gorgeous, distant, disconnected voice sweeping through the synth layers – sensual, enveloping and yet antithetically cold. There is a beautiful fragility and delicate resonance that makes this piece completely mesmerizing and endearing.

I am immediately reminded of the kind of classic sixties Euro pop of artists like Serge Gainsbourg’s collaborations with Jane Birkin and Bridgette Bardot.

There is no doubt with Cloud Tangle, Ramsay is a prodigious talent – weaving a rich, dreamy pop cloth with her cool laconic attitude.

The single comes off forthcoming album ‘Kinds of Sadness’ and is the second single following ‘Thinking of Myself’ which we reviewed late last year. It will be available from 27 February 2020 from here through the glorious 4000 Records.

Feature Photograph: Matthew Meric