Track/Video: Singular instrumentalist and song-writer Low Leaf announces new EP ‘Red Moon’ with the spectral jazz-blessed ‘Blue Nile’.

Photo: Monica Reyes

It’s a testament to creative energy that LA multi-instrumentalist Angelica-Marie Lopez has continued to evolve the Low Leaf project over a spell stretching back to 2011’s ‘Chrysalis’. Nothing has ever flagged in this long running flow of multi-dimensional work, anchored around Low Leaf’s instrumental foundation of piano, harp, guitar and vocals but cast off by Lopez’s unrestrained imagination as a producer.

Direction or predictability are not fundamental to Low Leaf, releases are often digital and sporadic, revolving around visual as well as sonic statements. Last year’s MiCRODOSE album offered up a series of kaleidoscopic digi-art NFTs for each track alongside the exquisite hyper-spiritual deep grooves of the music. People also whisper that Low Leaf is at the cutting edge of experimental R n B although you sense status is of little significance for this boundary pushing artist. So reports of the new recordings from Low Leaf world is something to calmly underline. The ‘Red Moon’ EP is due 24th May via LA’s genre free celebrants, Leaving Records.

A further enticing twist is that the EP captures Low Leaf in live on stage around Hollywood with a combo featuring bass, drums and flute. Sounds intriguing? Well the preview track, a version of Alice Coltrane’s ‘Blue Nile’ from her genius 1970 album ‘Ptah, The El Daoud’, makes ‘Red Moon’ an even more irresistible proposition. It’s a version that rightly leans towards devotion rather than deviation, taking a timeless approach to timeless music. The core relaxed swing is retained with Bryan Baker’s bluesy flute providing the central croon as Low Leaf’s harp swathes the tune in spectral shoots and sparkles. At times a post-modern funkiness sidles into view but the intent is showering love and respect on the original with a sensitive artistic touch. It’s breath-taking music which suggests ‘Red Moon’ will be another landmark in Low Leaf’s singular creative travels.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Red Moon‘ by Low Leaf from your local record store or direct from Leaving Records HERE

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