Track: Vampires Everywhere – Black Betty

It’s been a wait, but finally Los Angeles rockers Vampires Everywhere have dropped some new music, their first since 2012, in the shape of Black Betty. It comes ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Ritual’, due out in the new year. As vocalist Michael Vampire explains,”This song is special to me because it represents a part of my life where someone I cared about betrayed my trust. I learned a lot from that situation in particular and thought it to be song worthy. The human desire for fame and recognition spark some of our most primitive actions.”

Its full of rattling percussion, huge riffs and big chorus’s, Michael’s vocal becoming more and more animated as it reaches the chorus. There’s an ebb and flow about it all, and there’s a certain sense of the theatrical and its adorned with this tasty singalong chorus. All boxes ticked, it was worth the wait.

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