Live Review: Wakey Punx Sunday Service: Subhumans / Lowlife UK + ‘View from the Pit’ galleries

I’ve never swallowed the bullshit about punk been dead. Mainly because I’ve always found it’s exactly that. Bullshit!


No matter where I go at home or abroad (especially Europe) I’ve always managed to find a reasonably thriving punk scene, whether it be a bar, a club or a D.I.Y. festival in the middle of nowhere. Punks are, and I believe, always will be with us. Even right on my own doorstep.


Despite been told that ‘no-one is interested in this kind of music anymore’ by some of the more blinkered muso types, Underdogz records replied with a resounding ‘fuck you!’  and have been staging successful ‘old – skool’, hardcore, UK82 (whatever you wanna label it) style punk events for quite some time now. Appealing to both young and old they’re pulling in the crowds and getting the bands, be it stalwart groups from the 80’s or the new breed of today, Underdogz have proved all the doubters and haters wrong, and to be honest, it doesn’t look like they are set to slow down or die anytime soon.

We popped down a few weeks back to catch Lowlife UK and a band I haven’t seen since I was in my teens almost , erm, yeah, that many years ago, The Subhumans. The music was loud and raw; the atmosphere was one of camaraderie and good times, just like you tend to find at most punk nights.

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Lowlife UK played some blistering straight up street punk and peppered up the act with some straight talking banter that they themselves describe as ‘4 old men shouting clichéd slogans at other old men and women’.

‘Lowlife UK – View From The Pit gallery [click on any pic to see full size]

Headline act The Subhumans have been around since 1980 a time when Thatcher was PM and political anger and comment was evident in lots of music. The Subhumans made records extoling the virtues of anarchism, socialism and made regular attack against the fat cats at the top of society.


Songs like ‘Business Man’ seems as poignant today as it did all those years ago when I was a spotty teenager. Lead singer, Dick Lucas isn’t much different from how I remember him, bespectacled, thin, and bursting with vitriolic energy.


‘The Subhumans – View From The Pit gallery [click on any pic to see full size]

Wakey Punx Sunday Service is a regular event that takes place at least once a month at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield. If you like it raw, you like it street, or you just want to prove that punk will never die, check out Underdogz website for whose playing and when and get yourself down. Just don’t forget your studded jacket and your boots.


Wakey Punx Sunday Service: Headliners and dates: (all at Warehouse 23, Wakefield unless otherwise stated)

Pogo For Kumbuka (Charity gig in aid of Kumbuka Childrens Centre)              7/6/14 (Snooty Fox , Wakefield)

Discharge                              22/6/14

Abrazive Wheels                6/7/14

Slaughter & The Dogs      3/8/14

Ed Tudor Pole                     14/9/14

Anti-Nowehere League   19/10/14

Cockney Rejecets              23/11/14

Xmas Charity Bash: Peter & The Test Tube Babies/Abrasive Wheels/English Dogs/Varukers/ + loads more.         6/12/14


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