Track: Women’s Day every day – Clovo brings feminist dark electro pop on debut single ‘Girls’

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We still can’t get enough of this track, recently released by new Australian outfit clovo, the project creating seductively dark, alt-pop sounds a la Mia Rodriguez, Billie Eilish and Grimes. Clovo (aka Gold Coast’s Chloe Magee) has debuted her single Girls, a track written on International Women’s Day this year, as an anthem for all women who stand against sexual assault and discrimination.

Giving insight into the inspiration for the song, as well as some of the people who helped along the way, Chloe says: “I wrote this song on International Women’s Day and being inspired by that, it outlines issues of women being sexualised and objectified in society, as an anthem for all women to have a voice against sexual assault and discrimination.”

The singer/songwriter was listening to a lot of Grimes, Mia Rodriguez and Billie Eilish at the time, hence the reason she felt empowered enough to join the revolution of women speaking up and speaking their minds. ‘Girls’ also comes with a captivating music video, shot by Dominic Gould and co-directed by Chloe herself. The gritty, low-lit video gives the song’s deeper narrative, as we’re taken on a journey to a dystopian parallel universe where women are objects; to be guarded, admired but kept in their ‘place’.

“I’m not an open invite baby, no, I won’t ever be a lady. I don’t dress for you, I don’t dance for you, I’m not a yes to you, no.” -clovo

Chloe says she feels inspired by women who take a stand using their music, and she wishes to do the same. The new track was co-produced by Blake Malone and Matt McGuffie, mixed and mastered by Blake Malone and Leon Zervos. ‘Girls’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.

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