EP: Myles Bigelow – Turning Pages

Out already on vinyl and available on download on August 10th comes the new release from Yoruba Records. Called Turning Pages, it’s from label newcomer Myles Bigelow, who honed is craft as a student of Berklee College of Music, and is known for his releases on his own Deep Culture Music imprint, which see Bigelow blend Latin, Jazz and tropical rhythms into his music.

The EP opens with Afro Banger, which, very much like the stuff I put on my fence, does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. That is, lay down these layers of percussion, and infect them with this off-kilter basslines and fizzing synths that all burst with energy. Follow on House Rocka is, well, you can probably guess. It opens with elements of tribal drumming and these off beat stabs of sound, but it twists and turns, almost progressive without the heaviness, but it graudually grows into what the title promises, helped by this fluttering synth sound.

Spiritual Awakening sounds almost laid back in comparison to its predecessor, but it saunters away on the back of this electro bassline and gentle (Spanish) guitar arpeggios, alongside a liberal scattering of handclaps and vocal cut-ups. The EP finishes with the title track, which lays down this nu-jazz/funk rhythm and piano sequence. Over the top, there’s some seriously soulful vocals going on.

Hot stuff.

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