Track: Pozi – Typing

Guy Bolongero

Pozi are set to releases their EP ‘Typing’ next month via PRAH recordings. The band have shared the title track which dives into the darker side of instant messaging. The track explores how instant messaging has made negative interactions a constant, unwanted part of our day to day lives. The title references the anxious feeling of seeing ‘Typing…’ appearing on Whatsapp when locked into an argument with someone. The song swirls with a fury, Jones straining with a rage that teeters towards the knowingly dramatic.

“Eventually you can be trapped in a back and forth of bitterness which you can’t escape from unless your tormentor relents or you turn off the phone”

Always a band to bring something different to the table. Typing is a nervous late night jam with jittery violin and stabbing bass attack that sets you on edge. The paranoia vibe isn’t helped by the manic call and response vocals as the track

Check it out, here

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