Track: The new psychedelic and sparkling single ‘Floating In Air’ from Monet’s Pond indicates Brisbane’s musical hot spot continues to flourish.

Monet’s Pond – essentially the work of Brigette Lawrence – is adding to the flourishing and verdant music scene in Brisbane, and her new single ‘Floating in Air’ does just that: it’s an ethereal, psychedelic melange of whirling sounds and a sonic haze that seems free of gravitational pull.

The swirling panoply of sound creates a sonic kaleidoscopic haze – a musical version of a Pucci dress – which is contrasted by the darker lyrical themes. Lawrence says of the track:

‘Floating In Air’ is all about protecting your energy from energy vampires, plus the importance of getting rid of toxic relationships. The line ‘because I gave you all my soul, it feeds your energy, makes me feel old’, reflects on how tiring manipulative friendships can truly be.

There is a relentless energy and a snap, crackle and bop delivery driven by the marauding bass, jangling guitars and bubbling, gurgling synths. Hints of mystical Indian tonality drift into the sound. Lawrence voice is celestial: there is a sixties Grace Slick liquidity to it as it swoops and circles above the revolving music before collecting itself with an intensity and purpose through the choruses.

You can download/stream this shimmering single through a variety of sources here.

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