Track: Melbourne’s Grazer unveil the dreamy atmospheric double ‘A’ side single ‘Without You’/’Visions’ and announce signing to US label Cascine

Melbourne duo Grazer have released the atmospheric double ‘A’ side single ‘Without You’ and ‘Visions’: both dreamy willowy pieces that positively float and shimmer like a distant mirage in a desert. Consisting of Mollie and Matt, with backgrounds in painting, photography and poetry, Grazer has a dream pop/shoegaze veneer over a pure pop core: dappling, bubbling instruments and ethereal vocals that float over the surface. According to the band,

To me, ‘Without You’ is about loving someone, but knowing that they could leave at any time. It’s blissful in the moment, but there is always a lingering emptiness – the thought of life without the other. The last line ‘You’ll know what it’s like to be without you’ is an attempt to show one’s lover the unbearable pain of their absence. ‘Vision’ is the naive foresight of where you want a relationship to go. It recalls our early romance in London, optimistic and innocent.

Indeed, ‘Without You’ is a more reflective side of the coin, whereas ‘Visions’ canters forth with a little more pep and buzz. Both, however have a sense of carefree innocence and joie de vivre, albeit touched with a slight melancholic air. A perfect ingredient:

Grazer have announced their signing to US label Cascine and you can get this double delight through the link below or stream/download here.

Feature Photograph: Kayla Kook

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